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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Location Address Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-2380 7/20/2017 0750 Warrant Service 1800 S Severence JASON OREM wm/40 was arrested on warrant number 4687 for FTA. Zerger, K  
2017-2385 7/19/2017 1700 Misc Case Assigned 102 W E Avenue DIANA BRUCE wf/61 reported that she was concerned for her daughter. Zerger, K  
2017-2383 7/19/2017 1545 Violation of Court Order 9 N Washington DEBBIE SCHUCKMAN wf/52 reported that DOUGLAS PHILBRICK wm/40 violated a court order by calling her at work. Zerger, K  
2017-2382 7/19/2017 0931 Misc Case Assigned 100 W 6th lot 34 Case Assigned. Zerger, K  
2017-2361 7/17/2017 1500 Forgery 8 N Main An employee of Kwik Shop reports a male passing a check that had been stolen in Hutchinson. BOBBY R. FISHER wm/31 was arrested for 1) Forgery 2) Theft by Deception. Graber, J  
2017-2360 7/17/2017 1406 Theft - All Other 15 E 7th MICHAEL W. ENGEL wm/52 reports items missing from a trailer on his property. Graber, J  
2017-2359 7/17/2017 1135 Traffic - MVA Injury Des Moines/Main MASON E. LOVING wm/21 of Hutchinson was cited for 1)FTYROW after striking a vehicle driven by KELLY R. BRAUSER wf/51 of Derby. Graber, J  
2017-2357 7/17/2017 0848 Burglary - Vehicle 105 E 7th Ave RITA ARNOLD wf/84 reports her vehicle was entered and items missing. Graber, J  
2017-2352 7/16/2017 1105 Traffic - Other 200 blk E Ave B ROBERT C. TRAVIS wm/42 was arrested for 1)Unregistered Vehicle 2)No proof of Insurance 3)Driving while Suspended. Graber, J  
2017-2351 7/16/2017 0830 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance CLANCY W. NELSON JR. wm/22 was arrested on warrant #4699 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-2342 7/14/2017 1710 Traffic - MVA Blanchard and Main D1- BETTY J. ALEXANDER WF/72 reports striking a vehicle driven by

Allen, P  
2017-2340 7/14/2017 1530 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance LONNIE COLE WM/50 arrested on warrant 4730 for FTA Allen, P  
2017-2339 7/14/2017 1010 Traffic - MVA Injury Unit Blk W. Blanchard D1 - CARL MILBURN WM/66 reports striking a vehicle driven by
D2 - TABATHA BUSSARD WF/34 who was stopped at a red light at Blanchard and Main
Allen, P  
2017-2333 7/13/2017 1704 Traffic - DUI 10 W Blanchard JACQUELINE L DIAMOND was arrested for 1)DUI 2)ITOL. She was also cited for inattentive driving. Zerger, K  
2017-2327 7/13/2017 1050 Warrant Service 426 E Walker St, Hutchinson Ks WILLIAM BAGGETT JR. wm/38 was arrested for FTA. Zerger, K  
2017-2323 7/12/2017 1816 Misc Case Assigned 415 W 6th Case assigned Gabrielson, M  
2017-2310 7/11/2017 1107 Traffic - DUI 200 W 6th Ave DAVID E SMITH wm/51 was arrested for DUI; Incapable of safely operating. Also cited for No Insurance and Obstructed Windshield. Bosley, T  
2017-2309 7/11/2017 0605 Drug Offense 400 N Washington GARY W MILLER wm/45 was arrested for 1)DWS 2)Driving While License Expired 3)Possession of Marijuana 4)Possession of Paraphernalia. Bosley, T  
2017-2302 7/10/2017 1210 Criminal Trespass 35 Detroit Drive PRESTON L LEWIS wm/29 was advised of criminal trespass at 35 Detroit Drive. Bosley, T  
2017-2277 7/9/2017 0202 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance MELANIE D MARTINEZ W/F 36 was arrested on warrant #4707 for FTA Jackson, K  
2017-2254 7/7/2017 2206 Violation of Court Order CIty of Hutchinson PAULA R SOUZA W/F 56 was arrested for PFA Violation Jackson, K  
2017-2251 7/7/2017 1629 Lost Property 8 N Main JAUNITA BACON wf/87 reports that she lost her wallet and last had it at the Kwik Shop. Zerger, K  
2017-2238 7/6/2017 1142 Theft - All Other 324 N Poplar St An employee of POTTERS PLUMBING reports a former employee stealing a debit card from the business. Bosley, T  
2017-2222 7/5/2017 1306 Traffic - Other 100 S Main Street CHARLES E ROBERTS wm/37 arrested for 1) Driving while Revoked and 2) Driving while Habitual Violator. Bosley, T  
2017-2206 7/4/2017 1700 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance KELLY N. CALDWELL wf/26 was arrested on warrant #4712 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-2204 7/4/2017 1323 Arson - Agg 3 Des Moines West An employee of Loves Travel Stop reports a white male using some kind of explosive devise to blow up a toilet in the men's restroom. Allen, P  
2017-2203 7/4/2017 1000 Arson 7 E Ave B An employee of the City of South Hutchinson reports a toilet being damaged by a firework at Voss Park. Graber, J  
2017-2202 7/4/2017 0907 Theft - All Other 125 S Main St An employee of Powderkeg Fireworks reports the theft of fireworks from their tent overnight. The fireworks were recovered and four subjects are being long formed for theft and criminal damage. Graber, J  
2017-2188 7/3/2017 0846 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance ROBERT WEBB bm/47 was arrested on warrant number 4727. Zerger, K  
2017-2166 7/1/2017 1750 Found Property Avenue E/Walnut A debit card was found in the area. Zerger, K  
20172161 7/1/2017 0552 Traffic - MVA 207 S. Main St., South Hutchinson KS DANNY HAROLD NAIMAN WM 67 swerved off the the road in the 300 block S. Main St., jumped the curb, struck 2 signs and a fire hydrant. Mr. Naiman then went across W. C Ave. and struck a parked car owned by PATRICIA HINES WF 73 and a garbage dumpster owned by Stutzmans Refuge. Hartle, J  
2017-2122 6/30/2017 1635 Theft - MV 26 W 6th BARRY BENJAMIN RUBIN wm/44 was arrested for theft of a motorcycle. Zerger, K  
2017-2128 6/29/2017 0835 Suspicious Activity 400 S Poplar Case Assigned Graber, J  
2017-2127 6/29/2017 0734 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle 220 E Ave A A 1998 Chevy Tahoe was towed by McKenzie's to their lot for being dead and disabled in the road. Graber, J  
2017-2126 6/29/2017 0159 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance CASSANDRA M JUAREZ W/F 18 was arrested on Warrant #4632 for FTA Jackson, K  
2017-2123 6/28/2017 1959 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance DELFER R WASHINGTON JR. bm/26 was arrested on warrant #4701 for FTA. Gabrielson, M  
2017-2122 6/28/2017 1730 Theft - MV 26 W 6th Ave ALLAN E HALL W/M 56 reports a theft of his motorcycle. Jackson, K  
2017-2108 6/28/2017 0318 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle 1700 S Main Street A 2000 Toyota Echo registered to ROBERT E RYAN wm/46 was
towed by McKenzie's. RYAN was cited for expired registration, illegal display of tag, and no insurance.
Bosley, T  
2017-2100 6/27/2017 1902 Public Intoxication 200 E Blanchard DAVID A WEBB wm/53 was served a notice to appear for pedestrian under the influence of alcohol. Bosley, T  
2017-2094 6/27/2017 1543 Theft - All Other 330 E 3rd KARLA LEAF wf/53 reports the theft of prescribed oxycodone from the residence. Zerger, K  
2017-2093 6/27/2017 1505 Theft - All Other 1001 S Main DANA BROWN wf/86 reports the theft of three rings from her residence. Zerger, K  
2017-2086 6/26/2017 2220 Traffic - MVA 400 Blk. E A An employee of the South Hutchinson Police Department reports backing into a vehicle owned by REBECCA S. RICE while it was parked in the 400 Block E Ave. A. Allen, P  
2017-2085 6/26/2017 2141 Misc Case Assigned City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned. Bosley, T  
2017-2048 6/23/2017 1630 Criminal Threat 415 W 6th JANICE BOWMAN wf/63 reported an employee making threats. Zerger, K  
2017-2047 6/23/2017 1501 Theft - MV 26 W 6th BARRY B. RUBIN wm/44 was arrested for 1)Possession of Stolen Property. A 2006 Ford F350 stolen out of Sterling was recovered and released to the owner. Graber, J  
2017-2037 6/23/2017 0424 Animal Complaint 220 E Ave A ARLEY J WILLIAMS wm/42 cited for Animal At Large. Bosley, T  
2017-2035 6/22/2017 2125 Misc Case Assigned City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned. Bosley, T  
2017-2028 6/22/2017 1458 Forgery 8 N Main VICTORIA KEENE bf/39 reports a forgery of a personal check used at 8 N Main. Zerger, K  
2017-2021 6/21/2017 1945 Traffic - DUI 1006 S Main Street MARTIN RAMIREZ-DIAZ whm/72 arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Bosley, T  
2017-2018 6/21/2017 1256 Warrant Service 1800 S. Severance SHANE DEAN TOOKER WM 43 Was arrested for Warrant# 4646 for Failure to Appear. Hartle, J  
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