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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Location Address Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-1221 4/24/2017 1303 Criminal Damage 119 E Blanchard VERNON R. SWANK wm/79 reports a window on his van being broke out by an unknown object. Zerger, K  
2017-1220 4/24/2017 1226 Theft - All Other 109 E Ave B Apt D NATHAN S. PACE wm/20 reports the theft of his Kansas license plate from his 1992 Chevrolet truck. License plate 381EZO was entered NCIC as stolen. Graber, J  
2017-1218 4/24/2017 0931 Criminal Damage 406 N. Main Street An employee of Buff Car Wash reports that an unknown person cut the locks off two vacuums over the weekend causing $20.00 in damage. Thompson, M  
2017-1215 4/24/2017 0808 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance BENJAMIN F. BRIZENDINE wm/29 was arrested on warrant #4327 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-1209 4/23/2017 1445 Traffic - Other 00 E Des Moines BRANDI Z MEYER wf/43 arrested for driving while license suspended. Also cited for an expired driver's license. Bosley, T  
2017-1197 4/22/2017 0659 Traffic - Other 1515 S Main CHARLES E ROBERTS W/M 37 was arrested and cited for 1)Driving While License Suspended 2) Expired Tag Jackson, K  
2017-1166 4/19/2017 0755 Traffic - Other Prosperity/Main CHASITY N. BELANGER wf/36 was arrested for 1) Driving while suspended. She was cited for an obstructed windshield. Graber, J  
2017-1140 4/15/2017 1450 Drug Offense US50/Main ALYSSA L. HOLLER wf/31 of Mesa, Az was stopped for speeding. Consent was granted for a search and 44 pounds of suspected marijuana was seized. HOLLER was arrested for 1) Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Graber, J  
2017-1121 4/12/2017 1955 Warrant Service 1800 S. Severence St., Hutchinson KS MATTHEW ALLEN DAVIS WM 19, Was served Warrant# 4673 at the Reno County Jail. Hartle, J  
2017-1116 4/12/2017 1127 Theft - All Other 612 S Maple Theft Case Assigned. Allen, P  
2017-1115 4/12/2017 1054 Criminal use of Financial Card 1006 S Main ARTHUR CHARLES COLLADAY WM/78 reports someone attempting to use his ATM card without his permission. Allen, P  
2017-1106 4/11/2017 1509 Juvenile - CINC City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned Graber, J  
2017-1104 4/11/2017 1040 Misc Case Assigned 600 Andrew An employee of DCF reports a known subject making concerning comments on 4/7/2017. Graber, J  
2017-1101 4/10/2017 2225 Theft - All Other 15 E Blanchard DAVE W WILSON 27 B/M reports items being taken from his residence. Jackson, K  
2017-1094 4/10/2017 0743 Theft - All Other 324 N Poplar RYAN J. POTTER wm/39 reports the theft of water heaters from behind the business, POTTER'S PLUMBING. Graber, J  
2017-1090 4/9/2017 2121 Warrant Service 1800 S. Severance St. LANDRE LEMAR BOWIE BM 38 Was arrested for a Failure to Appear Warrant #4438. Hartle, J  
2017-1077 4/8/2017 1740 Found Property 100 Blk E 8th Ave Property found in the 100 blk of E 8th Ave. Bosley, T  
2017-1061 4/7/2017 1133 Battery City of South Hutchinson BRENT A KENDRICK wm/28 arrested for Abuse of a Child. Bosley, T  
2017-1058 4/7/2017 0545 Burglary - NonRes 45 Kansas MCKENZIE'S PAINT AND BODY was burglarized and items were taken. Bosley, T  
2017-1050 4/6/2017 1335 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance CYNTHIA D OCHOA wf/38 was arrested on warrant #3999 for FTA. Gabrielson, M  
2017-1047 4/6/2017 1223 Theft - All Other 15 E Forest Apt 104 SARAH E STIEBEN wf/29 reports the theft of items from her mailbox. Gabrielson, M  
2017-1043 4/5/2017 2119 Juvenile - CINC City Of South Hutchinson Case Assigned Jackson, K  
2017-1042 4/5/2017 2057 Harassment by Telephone City Of South Hutchinson Case Assigned Jackson, K  
2017-1040 4/5/2017 1550 Traffic - MVA US50/Main EB Off Ramp HARRISON L. GRAHAM wm/73 of Hutchinson reports the vehicle he was driving being struck by a vehicle driven by GUNNER A. OBERLE wm/21 of South Hutchinson. HARRISON was cited for 1) Fail to yield right of way. Neither driver reported injuries. Graber, J  
2017-1031 4/4/2017 1715 Theft - All Other 15 E Blanchard WILLIAM HS CRIDER wm/28 reports the theft of an item from his residence. Bosley, T  
2017-1029 4/4/2017 1247 Theft - All Other City of South Hutchinson Employee at Collins Bus reports the theft of tools. Bosley, T  
2017-1026 4/4/2017 0821 Warrant Service 10 E Blanchard MARIA C BAUGHMAN wf/19 arrested for failure to appear warrant #4661. Bosley, T  
2017-0996 3/31/2017 1855 Warrant Service 1700 Blk W Blanchard RONALD GERALD THOMPSON W/M 37 was arrested on Warrant #4531 for FTA. Jackson, K  
2017-0991 3/31/2017 1107 Warrant Service 311 W Ave B Hutchinson TRUDY L. HAYNES wf/48 was arrested on warrant #4665 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0986 3/31/2017 0832 Warrant Service 210 W 1st Hutchinson TEDDY J. DECKER wm/53 was arrested on warrant #4629 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0983 3/30/2017 2105 Theft - All Other 9 N Washington St. CHERIE RENEE FOSTER WF 51 Reported her daughter
ANGELA RENEE FOSTER WF 26 Had a ring stolen out of her work locker at Tyson Prepared Foods
Hartle, J  
2017-0980 3/30/2017 1958 Criminal Trespass 301 S Plum St. RICK SHANE CREGGER WM 52 Was advised of Criminal Trespass at
Hartle, J  
2017-0978 3/30/2017 1705 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance JOHANNA R JOHNSON bf/25 arrested for failure to appear warrant 4666. Bosley, T  
2017-0974 3/30/2017 1215 Traffic - MVA 900 BLK Williams Vehicle driven by ETHAN R HAGER wm/27 lost control and struck a parked vehicle owned by KENNETH D SHANK wm/65. Bosley, T  
2017-0972 3/29/2017 2100 Theft - All Other 105 E 7th Ave Manager of RIVERVIEW SENIOR RESIDENCES reports the theft of a TV from a common area of the complex. Bosley, T  
2017-0967 3/29/2017 1555 Juvenile - CINC City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned. Bosley, T  
2017-0966 3/29/2017 1525 Warrant Service 1800 S SEVERANCE JEFFREY A NISLY wm/30 arrested for failure to appear warrant #4549. Bosley, T  
2017-0948 3/27/2017 1413 Theft - All Other 103 E 7th Apt H2 TENA M. NADING wf/53 reports items missing from her apartment. Graber, J  
2017-0933 3/25/2017 1100 Warrant Service 1800 S SEVERANCE JOSHUA J GOETZ wm/33 arrested for failure to appear warrant 4613. Bosley, T  
2017-0925 3/24/2017 1000 Traffic - MVA 500 BLK N Main KEITH A ROHLING wm/61 failed to yield right of way and his vehicle collided with another driven by VIOLA G RHODES wf/27. Bosley, T  
2017-0923 3/24/2017 0032 Juvenile - Runaway City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned Graber, J  
2017-0919 3/23/2017 1830 Warrant Service 220 B Apollo ASHLE K. DOLE wf/27 turned herself in on warrant #4649 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0916 3/23/2017 1326 Traffic - MVA 501 N Main DOROTHY A WHEATON W/F 72 reports her vehicle was backed into by ROBERT E CROSS W/M 83 in the parking lot of dollar general. ROBERT E CROSS was cited for 1) Failure to report an accident after leaving the scene of the accident. Jackson, K  
2017-0899 3/22/2017 0902 Found Property 1006 S Main Kwik shop employees reported finding a couple of wallets. Jackson, K  
2017-0893 3/21/2017 1052 Lost Property 57 E Detroit Dr ALICE A SCHEIBMEIR wf/71 reports her 2 handicap placards either being lost or stolen. Both entered NCIC. Bosley, T  
2017-0883 3/20/2017 1530 Traffic - MVA Hit&Run 500 BLK N Poplar St An unknown vehicle snagged or struck a hanging cable line, breaking a power line pole. Westar Energy replaced the broken pole. Bosley, T  
2017-0875 3/19/2017 2154 Drug Offense 100 E 6th BRENTT E. KILLINGSWORTH wm/20 was arrested for 1) Interference with LEO 2) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Graber, J  
2017-0865 3/19/2017 0345 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance DERRICK J. WILSON wm/33 was arrested on warrant #4660 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0863 3/19/2017 0001 Drug Offense Ave D/Poplar JAMES G. BROWN wm/34 of Wichita was arrested for 1) Possession of Meth 2) Poss of drug paraphernalia. He also had a warrant through the Reno County Sheriff's Department and Sedgwick County. Graber, J  
2017-0850 3/18/2017 0230 Public Intoxication 5th/Main CLANCY W. NELSON JR. wm/22 was arrested for 1) Pedestrian under the influence of drugs. Graber, J  
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