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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Location Address Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-0923 3/24/2017 0032 Juvenile - Runaway City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned Graber, J  
2017-0919 3/23/2017 1830 Warrant Service 220 B Apollo ASHLE K. DOLE wf/27 turned herself in on warrant #4649 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0916 3/23/2017 1326 Traffic - MVA 501 N Main DOROTHY A WHEATON W/F 72 reports her vehicle was backed into by ROBERT E CROSS W/M 83 in the parking lot of dollar general. ROBERT E CROSS was cited for 1) Failure to report an accident after leaving the scene of the accident. Jackson, K  
2017-0899 3/22/2017 0902 Found Property 1006 S Main Kwik shop employees reported finding a couple of wallets. Jackson, K  
2017-0893 3/21/2017 1052 Lost Property 57 E Detroit Dr ALICE A SCHEIBMEIR wf/71 reports her 2 handicap placards either being lost or stolen. Both entered NCIC. Bosley, T  
2017-0883 3/20/2017 1530 Traffic - MVA Hit&Run 500 BLK N Poplar St An unknown vehicle snagged or struck a hanging cable line, breaking a power line pole. Westar Energy replaced the broken pole. Bosley, T  
2017-0875 3/19/2017 2154 Drug Offense 100 E 6th BRENTT E. KILLINGSWORTH wm/20 was arrested for 1) Interference with LEO 2) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Graber, J  
2017-0865 3/19/2017 0345 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance DERRICK J. WILSON wm/33 was arrested on warrant #4660 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0863 3/19/2017 0001 Drug Offense Ave D/Poplar JAMES G. BROWN wm/34 of Wichita was arrested for 1) Possession of Meth 2) Poss of drug paraphernalia. He also had a warrant through the Reno County Sheriff's Department and Sedgwick County. Graber, J  
2017-0850 3/18/2017 0230 Public Intoxication 5th/Main CLANCY W. NELSON JR. wm/22 was arrested for 1) Pedestrian under the influence of drugs. Graber, J  
2017-0849 3/17/2017 2346 Traffic - Other 500 S Main MEGAN N. STEPHEN wf/37 was arrested for 1) Driving while suspended 2) Expired Registration. Her vehicle was towed by McKenzie's at her request. Graber, J  
2017-0839 3/17/2017 1431 Theft - GDO 1006 S Main Employees of Kwik Shop reports someone getting gas without paying for it. Jackson, K  
2017-0836 3/17/2017 1132 Burglary - NonRes 626 N Main HELEN A HINNEN W/F 58 reports someone damaging a garage door and taking items from inside. Jackson, K  
2017-0826 3/16/2017 1700 Animal Complaint 10 E Blanchard Found brown and white dog brought in by South Hutch Fire Dept. Dog was transported and turned into Prairie Vista Hartle, J  
2017-0812 3/15/2017 0407 Drug Offense Prosperity/Main MINDY L. MITCHELL wf/26 was arrested for 1) Possession of Marijuana with intent to sell 2) Transporting an open container 3) No proof of Insurance. Graber, J  
2017-0810 3/14/2017 2006 Battery 103 E 7th Apt F4 TARA L. BEDORE wf/31 reports being battered and having her cell phone taken by a known female. Graber, J  
2017-0809 3/14/2017 1555 Traffic - Other 300 Blk S Main BRANDA J KENT W/F 40 was arrested for 1) Driving While Licensed Suspended 2) No Proof Of Insurance.. Her vehicle was removed by a family member Jackson, K  
2017-0801 3/12/2017 2222 Theft - All Other 103 E. 7th Ave. Apt. H2 TENA MARIE NADING WF 53 reported she had 4 credit cards stolen, a vitamin bottle containing about $30 in quarters and approximately 100 Percocet's from her residence. Hartle, J  
2017-0798 3/11/2017 2336 Drug Offense 1006 S. Main St. DAKOTAH KEYSHAWN GRUVER BM 18 Was arrested for Possession of Marijuana with intent to sell and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia with intent to sell/distribute. Hartle, J  
2017-0784 3/10/2017 1513 Warrant Service 1800 S SEVERANCE DIANE J LANE wf/53 arrested for failure to appear warrant #4634. Bosley, T  
2017-0783 3/10/2017 1300 Traffic - MVA Hit&Run 600 Andrew Ave CINDY D BOWEN wf/53 reports her vehicle having been damaged while it was parked in DCF parking lot. Bosley, T  
2017-0777 3/9/2017 1644 Drug Offense 1515 S Main KEVIN B BRESSLER W/M 59 was arrested for 1) Poss Of Meth 2) Poss of Paraphernalia 3) Interference With Law Enforcement. He was also advised of Criminal Trespass at the Plaza Go. Jackson, K  
2017-0773 3/9/2017 0200 Traffic - Other 1400 blk S Main KAYLEIGH N. BAIR wf/24 was arrested for 1) Driving while suspended. Graber, J  
2017-0768 3/8/2017 1933 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance ANTHONY D MILLER WM/50 was arrested on warrant #4635 for FTA Gabrielson, M  
2017-0762 3/7/2017 1414 Disorderly Conduct City of South Hutchinson Case Assigned. Bosley, T  
2017-0757 3/7/2017 0050 Misc Case Assigned 11 E Des Moines Ave SCOTT ALAN RUMFORD WM 21 had a verbal argument with CHRISTINA ISABELLA FANNING WF 20. Ms. fanning left the hotel without incident, Mr. Rumford stayed in his room. Hartle, J  
2017-0753 3/6/2017 0722 Criminal Trespass 108 W 5th Lot 2 TRACY L LAMUNYON wm/31 was advised of criminal trespass from 108 W 5th, Lot 2. Bosley, T  
2017-0735 3/4/2017 0505 Battery - Agg 11 E Des Moines SCOTT A. RUMFORD wm/23 reports being battered by an unknown subject. Graber, J  
2017-0730 3/3/2017 2201 Warrant Service 1800 S. Severance DAKOTA J. GRIFFIN wm/20 was arrested on warrant #4525 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0729 3/3/2017 2025 Disorderly Conduct 103 E 7th Apt #F4 TARA L. BEDORE wf/31 reports JEROD W. DAILING wm/38, and CHARLEEANN DAILING wf/34 being disorderly. Both DAILING'S report BEDORE being disorderly and battering them. Both DAILING'S were advised of Criminal Trespass from the apartment. Graber, J  
2017-0727 3/3/2017 1742 Harassment by Telephone 318 E Ave D MELISSA L WADKINS W/F 39 reports receiving threatening text messages. Jackson, K  
2017-0708 3/2/2017 1617 Traffic - Other 1100 S Main, Hutchinson DERRICK J WILSON wm/33 arrested for 1)Driving while Habitual Violator, 2)Expired tag, and 3)No insurance. Bosley, T  
2017-0709 3/2/2017 1617 Drug Offense 1100 S Main, Hutchinson HOLDEN S WALDEN wm/25 arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Bosley, T  
2017-0704 3/2/2017 1030 Lost Property 110 N Walnut ROBERT D SHELTON wm/79 of SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY reports dealer tag D3344B being lost somewhere between South Hutchinson and Hutchinson. Bosley, T  
2017-0694 3/1/2017 1330 Warrant Service 1800 S SEVERANCE JERRY W JOHNSON JR wm/28 arrested for failure to appear warrant #4642. Bosley, T  
2017-0692 3/1/2017 1022 Warrant Service 10 E Blanchard PATROCINIO M CHACON wm/24 arrested for a failure to appear warrant. Bosley, T  
2017-0688 2/28/2017 2051 Theft - Shoplifting 501 N Main St. An employee of Dollar General reports subjects taking items from the store without paying. PHOEBE E. SHAYLOR wf/41 was arrested for 1) Theft. SHAYLOR and JOSHUA D. HOLMES wm/30 were advised of Criminal Trespass from the business. Graber, J  
2017-0686 2/28/2017 1311 Traffic - DUI US50/Main Wb Off Ramp RACHEL L HEPOLA W/F was arrested for 1) DUI after striking a semi trailer. Jackson, K  
2017-0680 2/27/2017 0930 Criminal Damage 415 W 6th Ave An employee of Collins Bus reports someone cutting the fence and taking batteries from the buses. Jackson, K  
2017-0656 2/24/2017 0412 Warrant Service 1006 S Main St PATROCINIO M. CHACON wm/24 was arrested on warrant #4623 for FTA. Graber, J  
2017-0641 2/22/2017 2148 Warrant Service 4005 W 9th JOSHUA R PATMON wm/31 was arrested on warrant #4638 for FTA. Must serve 5 days. Gabrielson, M  
2017-0637 2/22/2017 1628 Theft - All Other 318 E Ave A JOHN H MILLER W/M 74 reports someone taking his lawn mower battery. Jackson, K  
2017-0632 2/22/2017 1029 Suspicious Activity 405 S Poplar An employee reports a W/M acting suspicious around the school on 2/21/2017. Jackson, K  
2017-0624 2/21/2017 1745 Disorderly Conduct 409 S Adams KENDALL L BUCK wm/55 served a notice to appear for Disorderly Conduct. Bosley, T  
2017-0616 2/20/2017 1010 Criminal Damage 415 W. 6th Ave COLLINS BUS had its bus parking lot broken into and batteries removed. There was damage done to the fence, nothing was missing. Batteries were found on the ground. Hartle, J  
2017-0614 2/20/2017 0630 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance HOLDEN SHAWN WALDEN WM 25 Was arrested on Warrant #4639 for Failure to Appear. Hartle, J  
2017-0610 2/19/2017 2256 Warrant Service 1800 S Severance ROBERT V. WEBB bm/46 was arrested on warrant #4601 for FTA. Must serve 5 days. Graber, J  
2017-0592 2/18/2017 2129 Public Intoxication 00 blk W. 6th DIMAS A. ALVARADO hm/26 was arrested for 1) Pedestrian Under the Influence of Alcohol Graber, J  
2017-0590 2/18/2017 1629 Juvenile - CINC City Of South Hutchinson Case Assigned Jackson, K  
2017-0580 2/17/2017 2210 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle 300 N Poplar JANAE D. ROUSE wf/37 was cited for 1)Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration 2)No proof of Insurance. Her 2002 GMC Envoy was towed by McKenzie's. Graber, J  
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