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On 8/24/2017 @ 1816Hrs
Misc Case Assigned

Case Assigned
Vanwey, J

8/24/2017 1816

On 8/24/2017 @ 1118Hrs
Traffic - MVA Injury

Trevor Webster 19YOM of Pretty Prairie reports driving westbound on Silver Lake Road in his 2006 Ford F150 pickup approaching the intersection Silver Lake and Avery Road. As Trevor entered the intersection another pickup, a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, driven by Budd Fountain 80YOM of Langdon also entered the intersection. Budd had been driving northbound on Avery Road. Trevor's vehicle struck Budd's causing both to leave the intersection and stop on the northwest corner of the intersection. Seatbelts were worn and airbags deployed in both vehicles. Trevor was checked by EMS at the scene for a complaint of pain but refused transport. Budd reported no injuries. The Ford pickup was towed by LCB Towing and the Chevrolet was towed by Don's Car Care.
Morrell, M

8/24/2017 1118

On 8/24/2017 @ 0552Hrs
Traffic - MVA

Nathan Guilliam 49 YOM of Turon reports striking a deer while driving his 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan eastbound in the 25500 blk of W. K61 highway. He and his passenger, Michael Truhlar 47 YOM of Turon, reported no injuries and were wearing seatbelts. No airbag deployment. Vehicle towed by Mike's
Morrell, M

8/24/2017 0552

On 8/23/2017 @ 2200Hrs
Traffic - Other

Michael Paul Mattox 29YO W/M was arrested in the 700 Blk of S. Main in South Hutchinson for Driving while Suspended. He was cited for DWS and no proof of insurance.
De La Cruz, E

8/23/2017 2200

On 8/23/2017 @ 1201Hrs
Traffic - MVA

Nicholas Brandyberry, W/M, 38 YOA, Macksville, reported striking a deer in the 1400 block of south Brownlee. Brandyberry was wearing his seat belt, reported no injuries, and removed the vehicle from the scene.

8/23/2017 1201

On 8/23/2017 @ 1056Hrs
Criminal Trespass

Kevin Gaeddert, W/M, 45 YOA reported a criminal trespass occurring at 1901 S. Sterling Road. Justin Williams, W/M, 42 YOA admitted to driving his tractor across land which wasn't his. Williams is being long formed.

8/23/2017 1056

On 8/23/2017 @ 0944Hrs
Traffic - MVA

An unoccupied 1997 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight was sideswiped by a semi-truck while parked on the shoulder of the northbound lane in the 3500 blk of S. Yoder Road. Witness said the semi-truck continued northbound of Yoder Road leaving the scene. Owners of the vehicle were notified of the accident. Vehicle was removed by Mckenzie's.
Morrell, M

8/23/2017 0944

On 8/23/2017 @ 0928Hrs
Concern for Welfare

Case Assigned

8/23/2017 0928

On 8/23/2017 @ 0730Hrs
Traffic - MVA

2000 Blk of North K96 Hwy - Donna Jones, 46 W/F, Great Bend, reported striking a deer while driving her vehicle on K96 Hwy. No injuries and vehicle was driven from scene.
Trussell, J

8/23/2017 0730

On 8/23/2017 @ 0630Hrs
Traffic - MVA

12000 S Whiteside Rd - Jesse Beachy, 21 W/M, Arlington, struck a deer while driving his vehicle.
Trussell, J

8/23/2017 0630

On 8/22/2017 @ 2122Hrs
Misc Case Assigned

Case Assigned
Vanwey, J

8/22/2017 2122

On 8/22/2017 @ 1645Hrs
Found Property

A set of keys were found in the area of Ave F/Woodyseat by the construction area. Placed into safekeeping
Bohringer, M

8/22/2017 1645

On 8/22/2017 @ 1625Hrs
Traffic - Other

AARON CORBIN, 27yo w/m, from Hutchinson was arrested for driving while suspended in the 200 blk of N Airport Rd
Tatro, M

8/22/2017 1625

On 8/22/2017 @ 0120Hrs
Traffic - Other

Matthew S Heinly 30 yo W/M of Derby was arrested in the 1300 block of South K96 for driving while suspended.
Berger, K

8/22/2017 0120

On 8/21/2017 @ 2331Hrs
Warrant Service

Cody Alexander Osborn w/m,23yoa, of Hutchinson was arrested in the 9800 N Plum for a probation violation warrant.
Morgan, D

8/21/2017 2331

On 8/20/2017 @ 2130Hrs
Drug Offense

14400 S K61, Arlington - Jacobs Richards-Kutz, 26 W/M, Highland, CA was arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Paraphernalia. Vehicle was left on scene.
Trussell, J

8/20/2017 2130

On 8/20/2017 @ 1700Hrs
Traffic - Other

Mary J. Henderson W/F of Pretty Prairie reports two signs were struck in the 5700 Blk of W Pretty Prairie Rd.
De La Cruz, E

8/20/2017 1700

On 8/19/2017 @ 2227Hrs
Misc Case Assigned

6200 N Lorraine - Thane Withrow,53 W/M, called to add information for a Stolen Mower report. Original Case was made in Hutchinson. Passed info on to them.
Trussell, J

8/19/2017 2227

On 8/19/2017 @ 2056Hrs
Traffic - MVA

Eugene Ferguson 61YOM of Pratt reports driving his 2005 Nissan Pathfinder southbound on Brownlee Road with Larry Petry 34 YOM of Cairo. Approximately .4 miles south of Maple Grove Road a deer entered the roadway striking his vehicle. No injuries reported and no airbags deployed. Seatbelts were worn. Vehicle was removed by Eugene.
Morrell, M

8/19/2017 2056

On 8/19/2017 @ 1553Hrs
Traffic - MVA

ROGER SHIPLEY 80YO W/M of HUTCHINSON and RANDOLF MAGYAR 72YO W/M of HUTCHINSON both report backing into each other in the 1400 BLK of E Mainline Dr. MR. SHIPLEY, MR. MAGYAR and their two passengers SAWANNA SHIPLEY 72YO W/F and RAMONA MAGYAR 65YO W/F reported no injuries. All were wearing seatbelts. Airbags did not deploy. Both vehicles were driven from the scene.
Radke, D

8/19/2017 1553

On 8/19/2017 @ 0808Hrs
Misc Case Assigned

case assigned
Vaughn, W

8/19/2017 0808

On 8/18/2017 @ 2322Hrs
Traffic - DUI

Kristine Lynn Brown w/f 46 YOA of Langdon, KS was arrested in the 1500 block of west US50HWY for Felony Flee/Elude, Felony DUI, and Driving While Suspended. She was issued a citation for no tag lamp.
Bohringer, M

8/18/2017 2322

On 8/18/2017 @ 2316Hrs
Suspicious Activity

400 N Nickerson St, Nickerson - Field interview was completed on 4 juvenile males behind the Nickerson Grade School.
Trussell, J

8/18/2017 2316

On 8/18/2017 @ 1656Hrs
Traffic - DUI

Jennifer Kae Geisel, W/F, 33 YOA, McPherson, was involved in a non-injury accident occurring at 56th/Plum. Geisel was arrested for DUI, DWS, Drive in Violation of Restrictions, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Fail to report Accident, Interference, and Disorderly Conduct. Vehicle removed by LCB.

8/18/2017 1656

On 8/18/2017 @ 1100Hrs
Juvenile - Runaway

Radke, D

8/18/2017 1100