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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-1544 2/18/2017 2316 Warrant Service Milissa Lea Lewis, W/F, 31 YOA, Hutchinson, was arrested in the 2000 block of south Yoder Road on warrant number 16CR410B. Hendricks  
2017-1552 2/18/2017 2316 Warrant Service Kacee C. Probst, W/F, 36 YOA, was arrested in the 2000 block of south Yoder Road on warrant number 13CR913B. Hendricks  
2017-1746 2/18/2017 2316 Traffic - Other Kacee C. Probst, W/F, 36 YOA, was arrested in the 2000 block of south Yoder Road for DWS. Hendricks  
2017-1745 2/18/2017 2236 Traffic - Other Daniel Van Alan Maxfield w/m 45 YOA, Hutchinson, was arrested in the 500 block N Whiteside St for DWS. Bohringer, M  
2017-1742 2/18/2017 1949 Traffic - MVA Johnny L. Likes, W/M, 51 YOA, Hutchinson, reported backing into an embankment in the 6300 block of north Halstead damaging the vehicle he was driving which belongs to the City of Hutchinson. Hendricks  
2017-1741 2/18/2017 1931 Traffic - MVA Melissa Lynn Naylor w/f 43 YOA, Nickerson, reports her 2010 Toyota Prius being hit by Clayton John Scott w/m 15 YOA, Nickerson. Clayton was backing out of a driveway driving a 2005 Buick Terraza when he struck Melissa's vehicle. No injuries, no airbag deployment, no tows. Bohringer, M  
2017-1740 2/18/2017 1845 Traffic - MVA Brian E. Sollers, W/M, 50 YOA, Hutchinson, reported striking a power pole, fence, and gate in the 6300 block of north Halstead. The vehicle was removed from the scene by D & D Towing. Hendricks  
2017-1674 2/16/2017 2342 Traffic - Other David Keever a 29 YO W/M of North Newton was arrested at 203 E Nebraska in Turon for DWS. Shields, C  
2017-1673 2/16/2017 2309 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle David Guy Wood w/m 34 YOA, Hutchinson, was issued citations for No DL, No Insurance, Illegal Display, and Expired Registration. 1989 Cadillac Deville towed to Mike's. Bohringer, M  
2017-1669 2/16/2017 2210 Warrant Service LUPE ADELA IBARRA MARTINEZ, 50YO W/F, PRETTY PRAIRIE,KS was arrested on warrant number 12CR47B at Parallel and Halstead. Vogt, T  
2017-1658 2/16/2017 1549 Traffic - MVA Samuel Nisly 87 YO W/M of Abbyville reports vehicle caught on fire while traveling eastbound in the 9700 BLK of W. Illinois Rd. Samuel stated he received no injuries and vehicle was towed away by local civilians. Shull, S  
2017-1659 2/16/2017 1548 Traffic - MVA Rosemary Willems w/f, 56yoa, of Hutchinson reports being rear ended in her vehicle just west of Obee Rd on 4th Ave. Driver Larry Nulf w/m, 56yoa, of Hutchinson was cited for following to close. Morgan, D  
2017-1655 2/16/2017 1447 Traffic - MVA Marlin Hitschman 60 YO W/M of Hoisington Ks. reports vehicle caught fire while traveling southbound in the 13100 BLK of S. Partridge Rd. Marlin stated he received no injuries and vehicle was towed away by local civilian. Shull, S  
2017-1640 2/16/2017 0605 Traffic - MVA Steven Neufeld 56 YO W/M of Hutchinson reports striking deer while traveling eastbound in the 2700 BLK of E. 56th Ave. Airbags did not deploy and no injuries. Vehicle driven away from scene by owner. Shull, S  
2017-1639 2/16/2017 0228 Traffic - Other Trudy Lee Haynes w/f 48 YOA of Hutchinson was arrested in the 600 block South Plum St, Hutchinson for driving while suspended and illegal display of a license plate. Bohringer, M  
2017-1629 2/15/2017 1700 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Berger, K  
2017-1146 2/15/2017 1302 Warrant Service Jordan A Thomas 26 yo W/M of Hutchinson was arrested on RNSO WR#15CR175C, 16CR570, and 15CR484A from 1701 East 23rd. Berger, K  
2017-1615 2/15/2017 1046 Theft - All Other Carol Oriordan w/f 69yoa, of Turon reports the theft of gasoline from her vehicle overnight. Morgan, D  
2017-1602 2/15/2017 0650 Traffic - MVA Ann M West 52 yo W/F of Hutchinson reports striking a barbwire fence in the 3600 Block of North Lorraine. West reported no injuries and she drove her vehicle from the scene. Berger, K  
2017-1598 2/14/2017 2158 Battery - Agg Dylan Carey 33YOM of Hutchinson was arrested at 10 E. Ave A., Nickerson for Agg Battery. Morrell, M  
2017-1580 2/14/2017 1000 Traffic - MVA Injury I was dispatched to the 6100 Blk of E 43rd for a one vehicle injury accident. The driver Madeline Elise Jameson 16YO W/F of Hutchinson was treated on scene by EMS but was not transported. De La Cruz, E  
2017-1528 2/13/2017 1930 Theft - All Other 210 W Ave C, Nickerson - Cameron Potucek reported someone attempted to siphon gas from his pickup. Trussell, J  
2017-1536 2/13/2017 0600 Burglary - Vehicle DYLAN L HOWELL 22YO W/M reports his vehicle being entered at his residence and items taken from inside. Radke, D  
2017-1533 2/13/2017 0047 Traffic - MVA Alan Strong was arrested at Plum and 32nd Terrace, Hutchinson for DWS. Issued citations for DWS, Expired Tag, and less than 2 operable rear lights. Morrell, M  
2017-1529 2/12/2017 2005 Criminal Damage Mary Travis 74 YOF of Arlington reports someone damaging her mailbox sometime between 9AM and 2PM today. Morrell, M  
2017-1526 2/12/2017 1819 Misc Case Assigned Misc Case Morrell, M  
2017-1519 2/12/2017 1500 Arson A small grass fire was reported in the 11100BLK of S Hodge Rd. Radke, D  
2017-1510 2/12/2017 0949 Burglary - Vehicle Ronald Valentine w/m,55yoa of Hutchinson, reports the window of his pick up truck being broken out and a .22 caliber rifle being taken during the early morning hours. Morgan, D  
2017-1506 2/12/2017 0157 Traffic - DUI Haylea Getman a 16 YO W/F of Hutchinson was arrested for DUI in the 1400 BLK of E 43rd Ave. Shields, C  
2017-1503 2/11/2017 2017 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Morrell, M  
2017-1492 2/11/2017 1150 Misc Case Assigned Travis Dean Thiel 45YO W/M of Hutchinson reports being harassed by phone by a known male. De La Cruz, E  
2017-1491 2/11/2017 1035 Traffic - MVA Eduardo Beckett II 21YO W/M of Hutchinson reports his 1998 Honda Civic was struck by a 2006 Chrysler 300 driven by Shirley J. Wise of Sterling at 56th Ave and Plum St. Both drivers were wearing seat belts. No injuries were reported and no air bags were deployed. Wise was cited for Fail to Yield. De La Cruz, E  
2017-1472 2/10/2017 1724 Traffic - DUI JAMIE D. BARLOW, 41YO W/M, WICHITA,KS was arrested at K14 & Fountain Green for DUI, ITOL, No Ignition Interlock, Driving While Suspended, and Littering. His SUV was towed from the scene by LCB. Vogt, T  
2017-1461 2/10/2017 1230 Traffic - MVA Dustin Law w/m,27yoa, of Hutchinson, was traveling south on Broadway in Arlington when he overturned his Potter Plumbing work truck trying to avoid a dog in the roadway. Law was wearing his seatbelt and was not injured. Don's car care removed the truck. Morgan, D  
2017-1456 2/10/2017 1000 Traffic - Other Deputies responded to 419 S Howard in Arlington for a motor vehicle related accident. Eula Henderson w/f, 88yoa, of Arlington, was backing out of her driveway when she stopped the vehicle and got out. The vehicle was not placed in park causing Henderson to be knocked to the ground by the door. The vehicle rolled to a stop without any other collision. Henderson was transported to the ER with possible injuries. Morgan, D  
2017-1451 2/10/2017 0419 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Morrell, M  
2017-1440 2/9/2017 1630 Misc Case Assigned CASE ASSIGNED Radke, D  
2017-1439 2/9/2017 1550 Criminal Damage Kevin Ross Graber 53YO W/M of Pretty Prairie reports damage to his irrigation line. De La Cruz, E  
2016-1428 2/9/2017 0930 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle A red 1990 GMC pick-up truck was towed from the intersection of Lake Cable and High Point for disabled in the roadway. LCB Towing towed the vehicle to their lot. Radke, D  
2017-1423 2/9/2017 0725 Traffic - MVA Injury Debra Kramer 46YO W/F of Buhler reported striking a deer in the 7000 block of east 4th Ave. Debra was driving a 2016 white Ford F-250 owned by the city of Hutchinson. Debra reported minor injuries but refused EMS transport. The vehicle sustained minor damage with no airbag deployment. Debra was able to drive the truck from the scene. Sipe, K  
2017-1413 2/8/2017 1200 Theft - All Other Roger Scott Carson w/m 53 YOA of Hutchinson reports the theft of a rocker/recliner from his residence by a known male. Bohringer, M  
2017-1397 2/8/2017 1124 Criminal Trespass Ashley Pierce 28 YO W/F of 523 S Main St in Partridge had Jonie Vogt 41YO W/F advised of criminal trespass at this location. Sipe, K  
2017-1394 2/8/2017 1031 Theft - All Other Charles Bibbs w/m 67yoa of Hutchinson reports theft of an expired tag, Morgan, D  
2017-1391 2/8/2017 0809 Theft - All Other Susan Evans w/f 57yoa, of Hutchinson reports theft of jewelry by two employees of Cleaning Wizards. Morgan, D  
2017-1390 2/8/2017 0806 Theft - All Other Gavin Lust w/m, 44yoa, of Hutchinson reports having two rings stolen from his residence by employees of Cleaning Wizards. Morgan, D  
2017-1375 2/7/2017 1753 Theft - All Other JESSICA L FARMER 32 YO W/F of Burrton, KS reports getting a phone call from the Publishers Clearing House and wired money to a person. Washabaugh, J  
2017-1359 2/7/2017 1227 Traffic - MVA Deputies responded to a motorcycle vs car accident at the intersection of Trail West and Lyon St in Partridge. Driver Terri Pike of Arlington entered slowly into the intersection after yielding at the northbound stop sign. Unsure of which direction she wanted to go, she proceeded northbound slowly when motorcyclist Lloyd Symns of Partridge collided into the rear quarter of her vehicle. There were no injuries reported. Morgan, D  
2017-1351 2/7/2017 0748 Animal Complaint Janelle Janif 38 YO W/F of Hutchinson reports a injured deer in the 2200 BLK of E. 56th Ave. Shull, S  
2017-1350 2/7/2017 0742 Traffic - MVA Kimberley Allbright w/f 52yoa of Arlington, reports being involved in a auto accident when her vehicle was struck in the intersection of Lincoln and Molton in Arlington, KS. Driver Karleen Moore w/f 66yoa reports she was attempting to turn onto Lincoln when she struck Allbrights vehicle in the intersection.
There were no injuries and both parties were able to drive away from the scene.
Morgan, D  
2017-1342 2/7/2017 0020 Traffic - Other Curtis Ridge a 34 YO W/M of Partridge was arrested for DWS at 200 S Dilley St in Partridge. Shields, C  
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