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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-5896 5/30/2017 2220 Traffic - MVA Michael Zachery Garrett w/m 19 YOA of Haven, KS reports striking a deer in the 900 block south Buhler Rd. Garrett repots wearing his seatbelt. There were no airbags deployed and he is making arrangement to have the vehicle towed at a later date. Bohringer, M  
2017-5870 5/29/2017 0000 Domestic Violence MORGAN ARNDT 26YO W/F of MT HOPE and DAKOTA WAGNER 24YO W/M of MT HOPE were both arrested for 1) BATTERY DV
Radke, D  
2017-5858 5/28/2017 1507 Traffic - Other Lucas G. Mobley, W/M, 33 YOA, Hutchinson, was arrested in the 4200 block of west 4th Avenue for DWS. Vehicle left at scene. Hendricks  
2017-4783 5/28/2017 1507 Warrant Service Lucas G. Mobley, W/M, 33 YOA, Hutchinson, was arrested in the 4200 block of west 4th Avenue for warrant number 17CR321. Hendricks  
2017-5841 5/28/2017 0829 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Hendricks  
2017-5836 5/28/2017 0424 Death Case assigned Vanwey, J  
2017-5833 5/28/2017 0209 Criminal Damage SHERRIE LAKZADEH 55 Y/O W/F of 602 E Main Mount Hope, reported criminal damage at the residence she was staying at 3020 N Homestead, Hutchinson. Vanwey, J  
2017-5803 5/27/2017 1723 Burglary - NonRes MATT KING 46 Y/O W/M reported that someone had entered a garage at his residence. Several items were taken. Vanwey, J  
2017-5753 5/27/2017 0246 Suspicious Activity Terry Neuhauser 59 Y/O W/F of Pretty Prairie reported suspicious activity at her residence.
Vanwey, J  
2017-5744 5/27/2017 0016 Theft - All Other Ellen Ora Lyon W/F of Hutchinson reports the theft of a personal check from the 7000 Blk of N. Monroe. De La Cruz, E  
2017-5739 5/26/2017 2032 Traffic - MVA Injury On 5/26/2017 at approximately 8:32 PM Deputies were dispatched to a single vehicle injury accident at 10309 east 4th street. Upon arrival, there were two females leaning against an over turned car. Neither Alissa Blick 17 Y/O W/F nor her juvenile passenger were seriously injured in the accident. Alissa, stated that she was driving her 1995 Chevy Geo Prizm east on 4th street when she attempted to pass a vehicle that had pulled over. She lost control in the loose sand and left the roadway to the right. When the vehicle reentered the roadway it overturned and came to rest on its roof. Both occupants had minor scrapes and EMS transported them to HRMC. During the time of the accident both occupants were wearing their seat belts. Air bags did not deploy, and the vehicle was towed away by Alissa's uncle.
Vanwey, J  
2017-4919 5/26/2017 1725 Warrant Service CHRISTOPHER A. HILL 35YO W/M of Hutchinson was arrested in the 100 BLK of N Poplar on Warrant #17TR773 for FTA. Radke, D  
2017-5730 5/26/2017 1649 Traffic - MVA Wythe Carlton 49YOM of Hutchinson reports driving southbound on K14 Highway with his wife Lan Carlton 38YOF and their Juvenile son in their 2006 Chevrolet Pickup.

In approximately the 500 blk of S. K14 Highway a 2004 Toyota Camry driven by Ryan McClure 22YOM of Inman suddenly entered the southbound lane traveling northbound. Ryan was attempting to pass another vehicle and did not have room to do so. Passengers in the Camry were Jerred Bieberly 15 YOM of Bushton, Ks and Brandon McClure 16 YOM of Lyons.

Wythe swerved to avoid being struck head on but his vehicle was still struck by the Camry.

No injuries reported by any individual, no airbags deployed. Seatbelts worn by all individuals. Don's towed the Chevrolet pickup and McCurdy's towed the Camry. Ryan was issued a citation for Unsafe Passing.
Morrell, M  
2017-5718 5/26/2017 1550 Disorderly Conduct 807 N Sill, Nickerson - Heidi Mehl, 20 W/F, reported her neighbor, Frankie Skeen was acting strange on her property. He was advised of Criminal Trespass. Frankie was arrested for a warrant through the Reno County Sheriff's Office, Violation of a PFA, and Poss. of Paraphernalia Trussell, J  
2017-5705 5/26/2017 1500 Traffic - MVA Injury Jerry J. Metcalf, W/M, 70YOA, Haven, reported an injury accident at Yoder/Parallel. Metcalf was riding a motorcycle and went off the right side of the road and laid the motorcycle over in the ditch. Metcalf had no visible injures but was transported to HRMC. Metcalf was wearing a helmet. McKenzie's removed the motorcycle from the scene. Hendricks  
2017-5693 5/26/2017 1211 Disorderly Conduct 204 West Maple Grove Rd - Shalom Shuldt, 43 W/F, advised a male subject was verbally abusive to her. Trussell, J  
2017-5687 5/26/2017 1040 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Hendricks  
2017-5684 5/26/2017 0940 Traffic - MVA 5300 W Pretty Prairie Rd - Tony Hall, 37 W/M, Hutchinson reported striking low hanging power line with his Semi. No injuries were reported. Westar fixed the line. Trussell, J  
2017-5674 5/26/2017 0628 Traffic - MVA 6200 W K14 Hwy - Todd Nuss, 52 W/M, Sterling, struck a deer while traveling east bound on K14 Hwy. Todd reported no injuries and was wearing his seatbelt. Todd requested Mike's to tow the vehicle. Trussell, J  
2017-5670 5/25/2017 2320 Misc Case Assigned Case assigned Shull, S  
2017-5665 5/25/2017 2206 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle At 1100 block of K-14 Highway a red Plymouth Breeze was towed away after it had been tagged for 48 hours on 05/23/2017 at 1353 hours. Vaughn, W  
2017-5599 5/25/2017 1106 Traffic - Other AMANDA PETERSHEIM, W/F, of Haven was arrested in the 6800 blk of s Yoder rd for driving while suspended. Tatro, M  
2017-5562 5/24/2017 1635 Theft - All Other Lily Ewing Hobart w/f 16 YOA of Hutchinson reports a camera being stolen in the area of the Sand Hills State park. Bohringer, M  
2017-5537 5/24/2017 1250 Battery Tisha Melett Yoder w/f 46 YOA reports her 18yo daughter, Ashton Nichole Yoder battered a 13yo sibling and also broke items during an altercation inside the residence. Bohringer, M  
2017-5510 5/24/2017 0838 Burglary - NonRes Paul Hershberger reports burglary and theft from a Quonset building on his property. VanScyoc, D  
2017-5501 5/24/2017 0829 Drug Offense Jeffrey S. Jones, W/M, 48 YOA, Hutchinson, was arrested for numerous drug charges, DWS, Flee & Elude, and Interference at Ave F and Plum. Jones also cited for No Seat Belt. Hendricks  
2017-5506 5/24/2017 0826 Theft - All Other Melvin H. Nisly, 76yo W/M, Hutchinson, KS reports 3 cows stolen from a pasture in the 10,800 block of S. High Point. Vogt, T  
2017-5487 5/23/2017 2230 Traffic - MVA JOSHUA ALAN FLORES, 16 Y/O W/M, Buhler, reported hitting a deer in the 4800 block of east 30th. Flores reported that he was wearing his seat belt and was not injured during the time of the accident. The airbags did not deploy and Flores was able to drive the vehicle from the scene of the accident. Vanwey, J  
2017-5431 5/23/2017 1346 Traffic - MVA Kathy Ratley 56YOF of Hutchinson reports striking a parked 2002 Toyota Camry with her 1997 Chevrolet Silverado as she was backing out of her driveway. Kyler Blaylock 16YOF of Buhler had parked the vehicle on the opposite side of the road. It was legally parked when struck.

No injuries reported and no airbags deployed. Kathy was wearing her seatbelt. Both vehicles were removed by the owners. Kathy was issued a citation for Improper Backing.
Morrell, M  
2017-5397 5/23/2017 0916 Criminal use of Financial Card Erema K. Cooper, W/F, 65 YOA, Hutchinson, reported a fraudulent transaction on her bank statement involving Hendricks  
2017-5338 5/22/2017 1314 Theft - All Other Bruce L. Engelland, W/M, 64 YOA, Nickerson, reported the theft of a generator from 7500 N. Salem Road. Hendricks  
2017-5047 5/22/2017 1157 Warrant Service Troy Coil 47YOM of Hutchinson was arrested in the 400 blk of N. Porter Street on a Reno County Warrant. Morrell, M  
2017-5265 5/22/2017 0845 Traffic - MVA 6900 Blk N K61 - Chandler Stubbs, 19 W/M, Buhler, reported striking a raccoon while driving south bound on K61. Seatbelt was worn, no injuries reported, and Mike's towed the vehicle away from scene. Trussell, J  
2017-4870 5/22/2017 0806 Burglary - NonRes 9519 S Woodberry Rd - Jason Trent, 49 W/M, reported more items missing. This is a supplemental report. Trussell, J  
2017-5255 5/22/2017 0615 Traffic - MVA Dustin N. Rupp, W/M, 37 YOA, Newton, reported striking a deer in the 22200 block of west US50 Highway. Rupp reported he was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. Rupp removed the vehicle from the scene. Hendricks  
2017-5252 5/21/2017 2244 Traffic - MVA Hit&Run A hit and run accident was reported when a black 2011 dodge truck was found abandoned in the southbound lane of 30th and K61. Witnesses say the after the truck struck a light pole the driver immediately fled the scene leaving behind personal belongings. The registered owner of the vehicle could not be contacted. Morgan, D  
2017-5211 5/21/2017 2216 Traffic - MVA Craig Mills 49 YO W/M of Cheney reports striking a deer in the 7200 BLK of S. Haven Rd. Craig reports him and his passenger, Sandra Zastrow, were both wearing seatbelts, no injuries and airbags did not deploy. Vehicle driven away from scene by owner. Shull, S  
2017-5248 5/21/2017 2125 Traffic - MVA John Paul Sullivan 29 YO W/M of Hutchinson reports striking another vehicle belonging to Larry Ellsworth 52 YO W/M of Hutchinson in the intersection of 17th Ave. and Poplar St. John and Larry reports no injuries, both were wearing seatbelts and airbags did not deploy. Both Vehicle were driven away from scene by owners. Shull, S  
2017-5244 5/21/2017 2030 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Shull, S  
2017-5240 5/21/2017 1606 Traffic - Other Katrina Marie Bernhardt w/f 36 YOA was arrested in the 7200 block of south K14 HWY for driving while suspended. Bohringer, M  
2017-5230 5/21/2017 1000 Burglary - Agg Patty Gregg a 65 YO W/F of Hutchinson reported the attempted break-in at 8718 N Dean. Shields, C  
2017-5229 5/21/2017 0938 Battery Henry Markham III b/m 45 YOA of Nickerson was arrested at the Nickerson Kwik Shop for Battery; DV Bohringer, M  
2017-5228 5/21/2017 0856 Criminal Damage Donelle Conner a 59 YO W/F of Hutchinson reported a damaged mailbox located at 10915 S Halstead RD. Shields, C  
2017-5220 5/21/2017 0100 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Berger, K  
2017-5212 5/20/2017 2342 Domestic Violence Sadie Ward w/f 26yoa, of Hutchinson was arrested at 209 Westland Dr for domestic battery. Morgan, D  
2017-5208 5/20/2017 2135 Traffic - Other Patria R Cotton 50 yo W/F of Wichita was arrested in the 8600 block of East K96 for Driving While Suspended. Berger, K  
2017-5200 5/20/2017 1558 Drug Offense Brandon E. McCoy, 36yo W/M, Hutchinson, KS and Adam T. Cape, 31yo W/M, Hutchinson, KS were both arrested at Yoder/Arlington for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Paraphernalia. Vogt, T  
2017-5195 5/20/2017 1315 Burglary - NonRes Jorge Avitia-Estrada w/m 45 YOA of Wichita reports his storage trailer being burglarized. Several tools and power cords were missing. Unknown suspects. Bohringer, M  
2017-5187 5/20/2017 0812 Criminal Trespass Halylie McMurry a 35 YO W/F of Burrton will be long formed for criminal damage (DV) and criminal trespass (DV) for breaking a window and making entry into the residence of 3017 W Castleton, which she was advised of criminal trespass the night before. Shields, C  
2017-5185 5/20/2017 0357 Traffic - DUI Cody J Hazard 28 yo W/M of Wichita was arrested in the 5100 Block of S K96 for DUI. Berger, K  
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