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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-8257 7/21/2017 2340 Domestic Violence 905 Lee St, Hutchinson - Gregg Pitchford, 38 W/M, Hutchinson was arrested for Criminal Threat DV, Assault DV, Disorderly DV, and Possession of Hydrocodone. This stemmed from a Domestic Violence incident that started in the County. Trussell, J  
2017-8234 7/21/2017 1430 Juvenile - Other Case Assigned Vaughn, W  
2017-8235 7/21/2017 1400 Theft - All Other Sunshine D Loewen 42 yo W/F of Hutchinson reports items being stolen from her property. Berger, K  
2017-8217 7/21/2017 1000 Theft - All Other Barbara Jean Buller an employee with Bridges Inc construction of Newton Ks, reported a theft of a welder and damage to a trailer at a job site in the 34600 Blk of W US HWY 50. De La Cruz, E  
2017-8192 7/20/2017 1940 Misc Case Assigned Misc Case Assigned Trussell, J  
2017-8155 7/19/2017 2352 Public Intoxication Manual Zapien Jr. was arrested in the 300 blk of N. Will St. Turon for Public Intox. He was also advised of Criminal Trespass at 306 N. Will, Street. Morrell, M  
2011-4658 7/19/2017 2154 Warrant Service Gregory Roy Osenbaugh was arrested on warrant 11CR393 Newton, R  
2017-8149 7/19/2017 2130 Assault - Agg Case Assigned Newton, R  
2017-8158 7/19/2017 1902 Arson Rodney Bergkamp w/m 62 YOA of Arlington, KS reports a field being burnt in the 16300 block of south Sego Rd. Bohringer, M  
2017-8143 7/19/2017 1804 Burglary - Res Peggy Lynn Burgess w/f 55 YOF of Arlington, KS reports her residence being burglarized. Bohringer, M  
2017-8137 7/19/2017 1445 Theft - All Other Robert D Blackburn 54 yo W/M of Arlington reports having items stolen from a residence he owns. Berger, K  
2017-8126 7/19/2017 0944 Theft - All Other Fancy Douglas 65 yr. old W/F of Nickerson reports the theft of an "Open" sign from in front of 2 S. Nickerson St. in Nickerson. Orrison, J  
2017-8115 7/18/2017 2130 Theft - All Other SAMUEL MARTIN, 29 YO W/M from Turon reports the theft of a stereo from his truck parked at his residence. Tatro, M  
2017-8111 7/18/2017 1828 Theft - MV Pearl Borth 90YOF of Abbyville reports an individual known to her removing an Allegro motorhome and John Deere 4630 tractor from her property in the county. Motorhome was recovered. Morrell, M  
2017-8100 7/18/2017 1346 Theft - All Other A woman (White, early to mid-40's) attempted to pass off fraudulent ID and credit card in an attempt to purchase furniture at Kutter's Furniture ( 2100 K-96 HWY) Vaughn, W  
2017-8094 7/18/2017 1030 Criminal Trespass LOYD A LECKLITER 33 Y/O W/M of Hutchinson was advised criminal trespass at 100 N. Kent, Nickerson and 9506 W. 88th Nickerson by the owner. Vanwey, J  
2017-8092 7/18/2017 0900 Traffic - MVA Injury Gabrielle Ann Rinehart 23YO W/F of Hutchinson reported losing control of her 2007 Chevy Impala in the 5600 Blk of Pleasant Valley Rd. Her vehicle left the roadway and struck a barbed wire fence and fence post. Rinehart was wearing her seat belt. There was airbag deployment. She was transported by EMS to Hutch ER to be evaluated for a possible head injury. Don's wrecker towed the vehicle from the scene. De La Cruz, E  
2017-8083 7/17/2017 2134 Traffic - MVA Mary Hamilton 57 YOF of Turn reports driving southbound in her 2004 Lexus RX330 when a deer entered the roadway and struck her vehicle in the 24000 blk of Pretty Prairie Road.

No airbags deployed and no injuries reported. Seatbelt was worn. Vehicle was removed by Mary.
Morrell, M  
2017-8063 7/17/2017 1457 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned De La Cruz, E  
2017-8040 7/17/2017 0740 Traffic - MVA Eula Henderson 89YO W/F of Arlington reported her shop building at 401 S Howard St. was struck by a vehicle. Pamela McWilliams 51 YO W/F was found to be the driver of the 1980 El Camino that struck the building. Pamela said the throttle stuck on her vehicle and caused the wreck. Sipe, K  
2017-8038 7/17/2017 0653 Criminal Damage Keith Leon Nisly 41YO W/M of Partridge, Ks reports a cable was cut to remove a riding mower. De La Cruz, E  
2017-8039 7/17/2017 0533 Misc Case Assigned case assigned Vaughn, W  
2017-8035 7/16/2017 2319 Drug Offense Alexis La Ree Hendershot w/f 23 YOA of Wichita was arrested in the 26000 block of west US50 HWY for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while suspended, and illegible license plate. Raymond Michael Taggart w/m 27 YOA of Larned was arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bohringer, M  
2017-8032 7/16/2017 2245 Traffic - Other NICOLE M RAYA, 28 YO W/F of Hutchinson was arrested in the 4400 blk of S K14 Highway for driving while suspended and no insurance. Tatro, M  
2017-8033 7/16/2017 2030 Theft - All Other Gail Maurine Mathes w/f 57 YOA of Sterling report the theft of three head of cattle. Unknown suspects. Bohringer, M  
2017-8013 7/16/2017 1010 Misc Case Assigned Misc Case Sipe, K  
2017-8010 7/16/2017 0359 Traffic - Other Tiera Phipps, 19yo W/F, Hutchinson, KS was arrested at 6th and Main for driving while suspended. Vogt, T  
2017-8009 7/16/2017 0052 Traffic - MVA Jason Ryan Hardin w/m 31 YOA of Hutchinson reports his 2014 Ram truck catching fire after blowing a tire in the 6800 block of north Pennington Rd. Hardin reports wearing his seatbelt and did not report any injuries. No airbags deployed and he towed it from the scene himself. Bohringer, M  
2017-8007 7/15/2017 2357 Traffic - DUI Alan L. Kreutzer, 39yo W/M, Nickerson, KS was involved in a single vehicle motorcycle accident at Ave B and Thompson in Nickerson and received minor injuries. Alan refused transport from EMS. Alan was arrested for DUI and Driving in Violation of Restrictions. Vogt, T  
2017-7998 7/15/2017 1916 Traffic - DUI Lillian R. Jasso, 38yo W/F, Hutchinson, KS was arrested at US 50 and Whiteside for DUI. Vogt, T  
2017-7990 7/15/2017 1237 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle A 2007 red Kia Spectra was abandoned in the 2600 Blk of E. 56th and was towed by LCB towing. De La Cruz, E  
2017-7985 7/15/2017 0850 Traffic - MVA Duane R. Panek 55YO W/M reports striking a deer in the 27400 Blk of S. Brownlee Rd. Panek was wearing his seat belt and reported no injuries. There was no air bag deployment. Panek was able to drive his vehicle from the scene. De La Cruz, E  
2017-7982 7/15/2017 0751 Criminal Damage Arrested Cheyenne Rippy w/f, 19yoa, of Pretty Prairie and two other juvenile females for criminal damage of 8 golf carts at the Pretty Prairie Golf Course. Morgan, D  
2017-7977 7/15/2017 0155 Traffic - Other Kawliga E. Zimmerman, 31yo W/M, McPherson, KS was arrested at Clark and Dean for Driving While Suspended. Vogt, T  
2017-7971 7/15/2017 0016 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle A 2004 red and black Kymco moped was towed from the 8700 block of north Dean Rd by Mike's after it was found abandoned. Bohringer, M  
2017-7961 7/14/2017 1921 Concern for Welfare case assigned Vogt, T  
2017-7929 7/14/2017 1600 Burglary - NonRes LOYD LECKLITER 33 Y/O W/M of Hutchinson was arrested for three counts of burglary, Felony Theft and criminal damage. Vanwey, J  
2017-7899 7/13/2017 1825 Drug Offense Alex Cole White w/m 23 YOA of Hutchinson was arrested for Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Display of a License Plate, and Expired Registration. Steve Ramon Mederos Jr. w/m 19 YOA of Hutchinson was arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Bohringer, M  
2017-7864 7/13/2017 1008 Theft - MV Sheila Martin 62YO W/F of Hutchinson reported a utility trailer stolen from property she owns at 8815 E Boundary Rd. Sipe, K  
2017-7854 7/13/2017 0111 Traffic - Other Gregory Dean Flores Jr. w/m 39 YOA of Hutchinson was arrested from the 3600 block of east Ave G for driving while suspended and expired registration. Bohringer, M  
2017-7850 7/12/2017 2342 Burglary - Res Peggy Burgess 55YOF of Arlington reports someone entering her residence sometime today and taking money. Morrell, M  
2017-7848 7/12/2017 2230 Traffic - MVA TRAE GEHRING reports hitting a deer in the 7400 Blk of W Pretty Prairie Rd. No injuries, vehicle driven from the scene. VanScyoc, D  
2017-7847 7/12/2017 2222 Traffic - Other Victoria Nichole Taylor w/f 27 YOA of Pratt, KS was arrested in the 7400 block of east K96 HWY for driving while suspended. Bohringer, M  
2017-7843 7/12/2017 2126 Suspicious Activity John B Cauble w/m 55 YOA of Mt. Hope reports suspicious activity occurring on a piece of farm ground he maintains. Bohringer, M  
2017-7842 7/12/2017 2037 Traffic - MVA Kylie Shive 38YOF of Haven reports striking a deer in the 4000 blk of E. Arlington Road while driving her 2009 Ford Focus.

No injuries report and no airbags deployed. Seatbelt was worn. Vehicle removed by owner.
Morrell, M  
2017-7840 7/12/2017 2021 Traffic - MVA Hit&Run Tyler Douglas Gray w/m 22 YOM of Huntingburg, IN reports his 2011 Toyota Prius being damaged while parked in the parking lot of the Prairie Dunes Country Club Golf Course. Bohringer, M  
2017-7841 7/12/2017 1700 Battery Case Assigned VanScyoc, D  
2017-7827 7/12/2017 1306 Harassment by Telephone Case Assigned De La Cruz, E  
2017-7828 7/12/2017 1300 Theft - All Other Sid Strohl 60YO W/M of Pretty Prairie reported a home he owns in Pretty Prairie was broken in to. He reported misc. items taken. Sipe, K  
2017-7820 7/12/2017 1012 Theft - All Other Robert Blackburn 54YO W/M of Arlington reported two batteries removed from his John Deere tractor. The tractor was sitting in a field at the time the batteries were removed. Sipe, K  
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