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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-4141 4/24/2017 1523 Traffic - DUI Kerry Getz 63YOM of Hutchinson was arrested in the 5100 blk of N. Wilson Road for DUI. Vehicle towed by LCB. Morrell, M  
2017-4136 4/24/2017 1330 Theft - All Other Carl Siggs a 35 YO W/M of Wichita reported the theft of two antique tags from the location of 13712 E Maple Grove RD. Shields, C  
2017-4107 4/23/2017 1455 Criminal Trespass An employee with Hutchinson Community College reports Justise Kenton Jones w/m 18 YOA trespassing on the property of the Fire Science East building. Jones was long formed for criminal trespassing, criminal damage to property, attempted theft, and contributing to a juvenile's misconduct. Bohringer, M  
2017-4099 4/23/2017 1057 Death Roger C. Cloyd, 73yo W/M, Pretty Prairie, KS was found deceased at his home. Vogt, T  
2017-4098 4/23/2017 1030 Traffic - MVA Injury Christopher B Craig w/m 43 YOA of Hutchinson reports being rear-ended as he was attempting to enter a driveway in the 5100 block of east 4th Ave. Craig was hit by a vehicle being driven by Bradley Alan Owens w/m 58 YOA of Hutchinson. Both subjects report wearing their seatbelts. The driver's airbag deployed on Owens' truck. Bohringer, M  
2017-4097 4/23/2017 1005 Traffic - MVA Coty Jason Thornton w/m 36 YOA of Hutchinson, reports his vehicle being rear-ended by a vehicle being driven by Robert Mark Pankratz w/m 57 YOA of Plevna while in the 9000 block of east US50 HWY. Timothy Louis Thornton w/m 16 YOA was a passenger in Coty's vehicle. All parties report wearing their seatbelt. Driver's airbag deployed in Pankratz's vehicle. Bohringer, M  
2017-4094 4/23/2017 0434 Traffic - MVA Joyce Cedeno w/f, 46yoa of Hutchinson reports hitting a deer in the area of Pretty Prairie Rd and Valley Pride Rd. Morgan, D  
2017-4092 4/23/2017 0212 Traffic - DUI Christopher Q. Calvin 23YO B/M of Hutchinson was arrested in the 2100 Blk of W. US HWY 50 for DUI & DWS. De La Cruz, E  
2017-4091 4/23/2017 0212 Traffic - DUI Leslie Taylor w/f, 33yo, of Hutchinson, was arrested for driving under the influence in the 2100 block of W US 50 Highway. Morgan, D  
2017-4087 4/23/2017 0021 Traffic - DUI Sara Webster (W, F, 39YOA) of Pretty Prairie was arrested for DUI in the 100 Block of South Ash Street. Vaughn, W  
2017-4046 4/22/2017 1655 Warrant Service Warrant # 17TR771A served on Jeffrey Aaron Nisly w/m 30 YOA of Hutchinson Bohringer, M  
2017-4068 4/22/2017 1521 Traffic - Other Amy Jo Dillard w/f 48 YOA of Wichita was arrested in the 900 block of west 4th Ave for driving while suspended and no proof of liability insurance. Bohringer, M  
2017-4066 4/22/2017 1414 Violation of Court Order case assigned Vogt, T  
2017-4065 4/22/2017 1355 Traffic - Other CASSONDRA BRENT of Hutchinson, arrested in the 6400 Blk E K96 Hwy for DWS. VanScyoc, D  
2017-4064 4/22/2017 1232 Traffic - Other Jay Arthur Mott Jr. w/m 43 YOA of Beloit, KS was arrested in the 5900 block S K14 HWY for driving while suspended. Bohringer, M  
2017-4062 4/22/2017 1010 Concern for Welfare case assigned Vogt, T  
2017-4056 4/22/2017 0240 Misc Case Assigned Case assigned Morgan, D  
2017-4051 4/21/2017 2011 Lost Property Wajid Muhammad-Abdul (W,M, 37YOA) of Hutchinson reports losing his wallet at Cheney Lake.. Vaughn, W  
2017-4039 4/21/2017 1520 Violation of Court Order Case Assigned Hendricks  
2017-4036 4/21/2017 1345 Violation of Court Order Case Assigned Hendricks  
2017-3746 4/21/2017 0903 Arson Recovered stolen 1999 Gold Ford F250 Super duty. Vehicle had been set on fire. Unknown suspects Bohringer, M  
2014-4023 4/21/2017 0748 Traffic - Other Kristen A. Cleeves, W/F, 45 YOA, Hutchinson, was arrested in the 6900 block of east K96 Highway for Driving while Suspended. Vehicle was left legally parked. Hendricks  
2017-4009 4/20/2017 1900 Criminal Trespass STEVEN ZONGKER 64YO W/M of Rural Reno County reports two individuals trespassing on his property in the 30200 BLK of W Silver Lake Rd. Radke, D  
2017-4005 4/20/2017 1646 Violation of Court Order Case Assigned Trussell, J  
2017-3997 4/20/2017 1617 Traffic - Other Roberto Menchaca 51YOM of Turon was arrested in the 100blk of N. Charles Street, Turon for DWS and No Proof of Liability Insurance. Issued citations for those charges. Morrell, M  
2017-3980 4/20/2017 1415 Suspicious Activity 5703 E Castleton Rd - Stephen Oldenettle reported a suspicious items on the property he is charged with caring for. Trussell, J  
2017-3965 4/20/2017 0709 Theft - All Other Yoder Builders, Inc., Hutchinson, reports the theft of a 2012 Doolittle trailer. Access to their lot was gained after cutting the cable on the main gate. Hendricks  
2017-3964 4/20/2017 0705 Traffic - MVA 4100 W K96 HWY - Joshua Stapleton, 31 W/M, Nickerson reported he struck a deer while driving his Chevy 1500. No injuries were reported. Trussell, J  
2017-3961 4/19/2017 2330 Juvenile - CINC Case Assigned De La Cruz, E  
2017-3950 4/19/2017 1640 Traffic - MVA Timothy Buffa 39YOM of Salina reports his 2003 Audi A6 catching fire in the engine compartment in the 7500 blk of N. K61 Highway.

No injuries reported and no airbags deployed. Seatbelt worn. Vehicle left at scene to be towed tomorrow.
Morrell, M  
2017-3942 4/19/2017 1355 Traffic - MVA Thomas E Burris, W/M, 61 YOA, Nickerson, and Joseph M. St. John, W/M, 29 YOA, Nickerson, reported and accident occurring in the intersection of Washington Ave. and Sill St. in Nickerson. Burris was issued a NTA for Failure to Yield at an Uncontrolled Intersection and St. John was issued an NTA for No Insurance. Burris had a passenger, David Baker, W/M, 7 YOA, Nickerson. All subject reported wearing their seat belts. LCB removed St. John's vehicle from the scene. Hendricks  
2017-3941 4/19/2017 1300 Burglary - Vehicle 12400 S Sego Rd - Desere Green, 22 W/F, Nickerson reported someone broke into her vehicle while parked in ditch on S Sego Rd. Several items were taken. Trussell, J  
2017-3921 4/19/2017 0552 Traffic - MVA Sarah Waggoner 44 YOF of Burrton reports striking a coyote in the 9300 blk of E. 30th Ave while driving her 2010 Ford Edge.

No injuries reported and no airbags deployed. Seatbelt was worn. Sarah removed the vehicle from the scene.
Morrell, M  
2017-3916 4/19/2017 0133 Violation of Court Order Case Assigned Vaughn, W  
2013-11370 4/19/2017 0117 Warrant Service Case Assigned Shull, S  
2017-3915 4/19/2017 0053 Traffic - MVA Desere Green w/f, 33yoa, of Nickerson reports running off the road due to a strong gust of wind in the area of Sego and Lake Cable Rd while attempting to pass a semi truck. Green was accompanied by Kyrsten Beltran, w/f, 20yoa, of Nickerson, and Megan Dunn w/f 21 yoa, of Nickerson. All occupants were wearing seatbelts and were uninjured. Morgan, D  
2017-3908 4/18/2017 2100 Suspicious Activity Steven Wray (W, M, 58 YOA) reports finding 2 people in his back yard at his residence in Nickerson. No items were stolen and the 2 ran away. Vaughn, W  
2017-3904 4/18/2017 1904 Frauds; Other Mark Fesen (W, M, 58 YOA) reports his identity stolen. Vaughn, W  
2017-3897 4/18/2017 1554 Traffic - MVA Mary J Holmes w/f 67 YOA of Hutchinson reports her vehicle being struck by another vehicle being driven by Anthony Kent Railsback w/m 65 YOA of Hutchinson while she was sitting at the stop sign at 56th Ave/Lorraine. Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts and complained of no injuries. There was no airbag deployment Bohringer, M  
2017-3896 4/18/2017 1545 Violation of Court Order Case Assigned Bohringer, M  
2017-3865 4/18/2017 1430 Theft - All Other Justin Riggs a 30 YO W/M of Langdon was arrested for the theft of a mobile home at 19 W Simpson in Langdon.

Leann Girard a 30 YO W/F of Langdon was arrested for making false information at 19 W Simpson in Langdon,
Shields, C  
2017-3885 4/18/2017 0944 Misc Case Assigned Assist Outside Agency -- Recovered a stolen motorcycle belonging to Ernest Detgen, W/M, 60 YOA, Alva, OK at 1715 E. 3rd lot 6. Hendricks  
2017-3892 4/18/2017 0944 Theft - MV Steven D. Treece, W/M, 40 YOA, reported his 2004 Chevrolet Venture was traded with Raymond ULM, for a 2008 Honda Motorcycle. The motorcycle was reported stolen out of Oklahoma. The van was later recovered by Steven. Hendricks  
2017-3882 4/18/2017 0900 Burglary - Res Shelly Kay Smith w/f 50 YOA of Hutchinson reports finding her residence burglarized. Several items were found to have been missing. Unknown suspects. Bohringer, M  
2017-3882 4/18/2017 0900 Burglary - Res Shelly Kay Smith w/f 50 YOA of Hutchinson reports her residence being burglarized sometime within the past three weeks. Bohringer, M  
2017-3876 4/17/2017 2230 Traffic - MVA Injury Case Assigned De La Cruz, E  
2017-3874 4/17/2017 2206 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Shull, S  
2017-3866 4/17/2017 1710 Violation of Court Order Larry McVey a 33 YO W/M of Nickerson was arrested at 111 N Cheney in Nickerson for violating a no contact order. Shields, C  
2017-3895 4/17/2017 1339 Violation of Court Order case assigned Shields, C  
2017-3855 4/17/2017 1115 Criminal Trespass Timothy Howard, 59yo W/M, Mt. Hope, KS reports a criminal trespass occurring at 8814 E. Cedarview. Vogt, T  
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