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Case Number Date Time Offense Type Case Description Reporting Officer  
2017-2947 3/23/2017 1402 Suspicious Activity Shirley Wanek, W/F, 68 YOA, Hutchinson, reported she granted remote access to her computer. Wanek believes in doing so her personal information has been taken. Hendricks  
2017-2941 3/23/2017 0752 Theft - All Other Reno County Board of Commissioners reports the theft and destruction of traffic signs in the area of Maple Grove and Rayl Road. Hendricks  
2017-2943 3/22/2017 2330 Traffic - MVA Injury Colton E. Robben, W/M, 17 YOA, Colwich, reported being involved in an injury accident which occurred at the East Park Entrance to Cheney Lake. Robben's passenger, Kristin N. Leep, W/F, 17 YOA, Andale suffered minor injuries. Robben removed the vehicle from the scene and reported wearing his seat belt. Leep was not wearing a seat belt. Robben was cited for Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident and Failure to Report and Accident. Leep was cited for not wearing her seat belt. Hendricks  
2017-2910 3/22/2017 0840 Traffic - MVA JIMMY CASEY of Burrton reports hitting a turkey in the 6200 BLK of N Buhler Rd. No injuries, seat belt worn. VanScyoc, D  
2017-2911 3/22/2017 0825 Traffic - MVA Chad Baysinger, W/M, 36 YOA, Pretty Prairie, reported striking a vehicle driven by Madison Milbrandt, W/F, 17 YOA, Pretty Prairie. Both parties were wearing their seat belts and removed their vehicles from the scene. Milbrandt was issued a citation for Failure to Yield at a Posted Stop Sign. Hendricks  
2017-2905 3/22/2017 0211 Traffic - Other Dominque Hamm w/f,23 yoa, of Hutchinson, was arrested in the 4300 block of N Plum for driving with no license. Morgan, D  
2017-2898 3/21/2017 1900 Domestic Violence Alyse N Caley 27 yo W/F of Hutchinson and Kristopher D Smith 24 yo B/M of Hutchinson were involved in a domestic disturbance at 16 N Berwyn. The parties were separated and a case was made. Berger, K  
2017-2877 3/21/2017 1429 Traffic - Other MAYLEY M.K.BLACK, 19YO W/F, TURON, KS was arrested in the 100 block of N. Burns for Driving While Suspended. Vogt, T  
2017-2872 3/21/2017 1221 Disorderly Conduct John Arlen Swartz w/m 48 YOA of Nickerson reports Dustin Lee Blackburn w/m 34 YOA of Arlington driving by and yelling obscenities and "flipping" him off. Bohringer, M  
2017-2866 3/21/2017 0345 Traffic - Other Eric Matthew Williams 22YO W/M of Hutchinson was arrested in the 300 Blk of W 2nd Ave for Driving while Revoked, Possession of Meth, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Hallucinogens, Criminal Possession of a Firearm by Felon and Criminal Possession of a Firearm by an Unlawful user. De La Cruz, E  
2017-2865 3/21/2017 0032 Traffic - MVA Fatal Kevin D Chambers 36 yo W/M of Hutchinson was involved in a fatality accident in the 26500 block of West 4th. Chambers was west bound on 4th when his vehicle crossed the centerline and ran off the road to the left. Once off the road the vehicle struck a tree. It is unknown what caused Chambers to exit the road. Chambers was not wearing his seatbelt and his airbag did deploy. The vehicle was removed from the scene by McCurdy's. Berger, K  
2017-2854 3/20/2017 1730 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Berger, K  
2017-2853 3/20/2017 1638 Traffic - Other Taylor James Wilson w/m 27 YOA of Hutchinson was arrested in the 400 block north Urban Dr. for driving while suspended, no proof of liability insurance, and expired tag. Bohringer, M  
2017-2851 3/20/2017 1630 Forgery RICKY L. MYRICK, 51YO W/M, HUTCHINSON, KS reports someone used his ID to file taxes. Vogt, T  
2017-2835 3/20/2017 0921 Criminal Damage Darlene Maron a 56 YO W/F of Pretty Prairie reported criminal damage to a shed located at 619 S Collins. Shields, C  
2017-2833 3/20/2017 0707 Traffic - MVA Glenda J Turner w/f 44 YOA of Sterling, KS reports striking a deer in the 18000 block of W K14 HWY. Carolyn R Turner w/f 66 of Sterling, KS was a front seat passenger. Neither occupant reported any injuries and no airbags deployed. Glenda contacted Lyon's Wrecker Service out of Lyon's, KS to tow the vehicle from the scene. Bohringer, M  
2017-2820 3/19/2017 2100 Traffic - MVA Case Assigned De La Cruz, E  
2017-2825 3/19/2017 1845 Criminal Damage An individual reported a vehicle striking road signs and leaving the scene in the 20200 Blk of S. Yoder Rd. De La Cruz, E  
2017-2809 3/19/2017 1336 Criminal Damage 300 S Martin St, Turon - Joe Williams, 69 W/M Sylvia, reported someone damaged a pickup he was storing for Mike Sherow, 69 W/M Turon. Trussell, J  
2017-2787 3/19/2017 0227 Traffic - DUI DARLENE NICOLE DOWNING 22 YO W/F of Hutchinson was arrested in the 800 BLK of N Airport Rd for DUI. ELIJAH MILLER 20YO W/M of Hutchinson was issued a citation for Possession of alcohol by a minor. Radke, D  
2017-2772 3/18/2017 2030 Traffic - MVA CRYSTAL ORTIZ 30YO W/F of Hutchinson was southbound on Victory Rd when she failed to yield at a posted sign at 30th Ave. She lost control of her vehicle at the intersection, left the roadway and struck a fence. She reported no injuries and Airbags did not deploy. Her vehicle was towed from the scene by Mckenzie's. Radke, D  
2017-2770 3/18/2017 2000 Traffic - MVA Nancy L. McConnell, W/F, 63 YOA, Hutchinson, reported striking a deer in the 7900 block of N. Monroe St. McConnell reported She and her Passenger were both wearing their seat belts and were not injured. McConnell removed the vehicle from the scene. Smith, L  
2017-2764 3/18/2017 1632 Traffic - MVA Injury Chance Heitschmidt 17 YOM of Nickerson reports rolling his 2002 Volkswagen Passat in the 10710blk of W. 69th. Tayton Casanova 17YOM of Hutchinson was a passenger.

Both were wearing seatbelts. Airbags deployed. Minor injuries were reported by both. They were evaluated by EMS and released. Vehicle removed by Don's.
Morrell, M  
2017-2763 3/18/2017 1616 Misc Case Assigned Misc Case Assigned Shields, C  
2017-2762 3/18/2017 1430 Traffic - Other 10000 Blk East K96 Hwy - Bryson Allen, 27 W/M Hutchinson, and Corey Drake, 37 W/M Hutchinson, were arrested after a 10 minute vehicle pursuit. The pursuit ended after the Stolen Vehicle was wrecked and both suspect fled on foot. Both were apprehended shortly after.
- Bryson was charged with Felony Flee & Elude, Felony Interference, Felony Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Meth, and DWS.
- Corey was arrested for Felony Interference, Felony Possession of Stolen Property, and Possession of Marijuana.
Trussell, J  
2017-2739 3/17/2017 2330 Criminal Trespass JOHNNY JOHNSON 39YO W/M and DANIEL KOPP 19YO W/M both of Nickerson were advised of criminal trespass at 6 N Peabody in Nickerson. Radke, D  
2017-2721 3/17/2017 1600 Criminal Trespass 7300 Blk of West 30th Ave - Jerry Clasen reported someone was trespassing on his property. A vehicle, 2001 Chevy Tahoe, was found parked on Jerry's property. It was towed pending investigation of the Criminal Trespass charge. Trussell, J  
2017-2715 3/17/2017 1458 Traffic - Other Bradley Janzen 54YOM of Burrton was arrested in the 7800 blk of Summers Dr. for Driving while Suspended. Citation Issued. Morrell, M  
2017-2622 3/17/2017 1056 Warrant Service KRISTINA GUSTASON arrested in the 19500 blk S K14 Hwy on RNSO warrant 17CR199. VanScyoc, D  
2017-2702 3/17/2017 1028 Criminal Trespass Chuck Buggeln 42 YOM of Burrton reports someone entering his residence in the county. No items taken. Morrell, M  
2017-2676 3/17/2017 0643 Traffic - MVA Jeremy Liby 47 YOM of Sedgwick reports striking a deer in the 5400 blk of E. US50 Highway with his 2004 Chevrolet Silverado.

No airbags deployed and no injuries reported. Seatbelt was worn and vehicle was removed by AutoHouse.
Morrell, M  
2017-2656 3/16/2017 1431 Traffic - Other Cynthia Donovan a 51 YO W/F of Langdon was arrested in the 100 BLK of E Price in Turon for DWS and no insurance. Shields, C  
2017-2643 3/16/2017 0822 Traffic - MVA Byron Hummons a 25 YO W/M of Valley Center struck a deer while traveling eastbound in the 33850 BLK of W 95th. No injuries were reported. Shields, C  
2017-2627 3/15/2017 1903 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned. Berger, K  
2017-2609 3/15/2017 1034 Burglary - Res ROBERT DILL reports the attempted burglary of his residence and criminal damage to a window. VanScyoc, D  
2017-2606 3/15/2017 0905 Theft - All Other Keith Kincaid a 67 YO W/M of Burrton reported the theft of a trailer, over 26,000 feet of 8in aluminum piping and, over 65 joints roughly 45 feet in length from the 11000 BLK of E Long View. Shields, C  
2017-2602 3/14/2017 2300 Concern for Welfare case assigned De La Cruz, E  
2017-2571 3/14/2017 0940 Traffic - MVA Richard L. Schneider, W/M, 63 YOA, Hutchinson, reported striking a deer in the 10000 block of north K61 Highway. Schneider reported he was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. Schneider removed the vehicle from the scene. Hendricks  
2017-2039 3/14/2017 0900 Warrant Service Timothy R. Howard, W/M, 59 YOA, Mt. Hope, was arrested on warrant number 17CR225. Hendricks  
2017-2559 3/13/2017 2330 Traffic - MVA Brandon Hahn 38YO W/M of Buhler reported striking a deer in the 2600 block of north Buhler Rd. in his 2008 Impala. Brandon was wearing his seatbelt and reported no injuries. The airbags did not deploy and he was able to drive the vehicle from the scene. Sipe, K  
2017-2554 3/13/2017 1621 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle Gold colored Ford Ranger pickup towed from the 17700 blk of W. K14 Highway by Don's Car Care. Morrell, M  
2017-2533 3/13/2017 0857 Criminal Damage Eric M. Moore, W/M, 18 /YOA, Hutchinson, reported that an unknown person came upon his property and broke the windshield on his car. Hendricks  
2017-2519 3/12/2017 1625 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned- Assist Outside Agency (WPD) Bohringer, M  
2017-2517 3/12/2017 1507 Traffic - Other Craig Dwayne Morris b/m 53 of Hutchinson was arrested in the 200 block west 5th Ave, Hutchinson for driving while suspended. Bohringer, M  
2017-2514 3/12/2017 1305 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Morrell, M  
2017-2499 3/12/2017 0140 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Berger, K  
2017-2475 3/11/2017 1356 Misc Case Assigned Case Assigned Bohringer, M  
2017-2470 3/11/2017 0900 Traffic - Impounded Vehicle Purple 1998 Toyota Corolla towed from 85th Ave/K61 under the overpass. Bohringer, M  
2017-2146 3/11/2017 0152 Warrant Service Raymond A Harper 22 yo W/M of Arlington was arrested in the 16300 block of W Longview on RNSO WR#17TR142. Berger, K  
2017-2448 3/10/2017 2110 Traffic - MVA Injury Karen Porter w/f 75yoa of Cheney reports colliding with a black Angus bull in the area of Yoder and Trails West Rd. Porter only reported minor injuries and declined medical attention. Porter was also accompanied by Marilyn Cokely w/f 76yoa of Cheney who only suffered minor injuries and declined medical attention as well. I have nothing further to report. Morgan, D  
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